Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Radio Interview with Lavi Soloway and Judy Rickard

Judy Rickard, author of Torn Apart, United by Love Divided by Law, and Stop the Deportations attorney Lavi Soloway are interviewed by Marilyn Pitman from Out in the Bay.

Click here to listen to this radio broadcast, originally aired on July 12.

Lavi talks at length about the current situation for same-sex binational couples, various lawsuits, actions and directives that are all set to converge in a "post-DOMA world" we hope will come about with the reelection of President Barack Obama in November. He also speculates on what could happen should Mitt Romney become president.

Meanwhile, Judy talks about how she and her wife Karin are now clients of Lavi's and their actions of "civil disobedience" as they petition for a green card for Karin.

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