Friday, July 13, 2012

Help Out4Immigration Go to the White House

Out4Immigration has just been offered a great opportunity for Amos Lim,, our community outreach manager, to attend a meeting at the White House next week. Amos will already in the DC area for the NQAPIA Conference, for which we received grant money to cover.

However, to attend the White House meeting in tandem with the conference, Amos will have to re-arrange his flights and accommodation, incurring some extra costs that aren't part of O4I's tiny budget.

Can you help us raise an extra $500 over the weekend so Amos can represent O4I at the White House?

Many of you know the hard work Amos has done on a volunteer basis as one of the co-founders of O4I, our treasurer and community outreach manager. He is a true leader who best represents our cause at every opportunity.

Let's get Amos to the White House in his O4I shirt, with our materials and our message!

To donate, click on this link: and follow the instructions.

Any donation toward this cause will help. And, if you'd like be an Out4Immigration volunteer and attend conferences, contact your representatives in Congress, help us with petitions and getting our message out online and in print, email us at today.

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