Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cristina and Monica: Legally Married Same-Sex Binational Couple Facing Deportation

Today Freedom to Marry released a video produced in partnership with In The Life Media telling the moving story of Cristina Alcota and Monica Ojeda, who, though legally married, face deportation or separation because the so-called Defense of Marriage Act denies married same-sex couples immigration protections.

This is the reason why we need the laws in this country to change! When you are done watching the video, head over to and sign all of our petitions there!

The couple are clients of attorney Lavi Soloway, who runs the DOMA Project: Stop the Deportations. Lavi has proved to be a champion for couples like Christina and Monica, and a number of Out4Immigration members have sought his advice. If you need to contact Lavi, you can do so through his website, the DOMA Project: Stop the Deportations.

Note: Cristina and Monica have appeared numerous times in the media as activists for the DOMA Project's Stop The Deportations campaign, including: CNN, New York Daily News (twice), Gay City News (twice) and NY1 Pura Politica.

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