Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rain or Shine: Out4Immigration Comes Out at Sacramento Pride

by Erik Schnabel

It certainly was a wet Pride in Sacramento this Saturday! Gina deserves praise for getting there early and setting up what many people described as the "best looking booth" at Pride. Despite the rain, it managed to stand out. Not to mention the great give aways that helped bring people in.

I was super appreciative of getting a chance to meet and work with Gina's sister and friends, who did a great job spreading the word on O4I (this is the third year they've run the booth at this festival). We had lots of great conversations with people and got lots of signatures on the petition. Not too mention many new people signing up for more info on Out4Immigration.

In addition to raising awareness with our conversations and materials, we raised over $100 from t-shirt sales and donations.

If Pride is coming up in your city, we can help you cover costs and set up a booth like we did in Sacramento, and will be doing again in San Francisco at the end of the month. There are still so many people out there - including people in same-sex binational relationships that don't know that there is a strong grassroots movement that they can join and help make the change we all need to stay together with our partners and spouses. Email for details.

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