Thursday, May 20, 2010

Help Us Get More Support Locally for Equal Immigration Rights for Same Sex Binational Couples

As you all know, the Senate Democrats introduced a framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2 weeks ago (April 29th, 2010) and LGBT Families are included in that framework. This small acknowledgement of our relationships has given hope to thousands of same-sex binational couples who have been struggling with discriminatory immigration laws.

Out4Immigration's Tom Tierney has been working with local members and allies across the country to try to get more support for the passage of the Uniting American Families Act as well as ensure that LGBT Families will be included in the drafting of and the final version of any Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.

So far, we have gotten really great responses to our appeals for support on the ground. While most of the people who volunteered to help us locally were a bit anxious or nervous in the beginning of the process, they found that taking part turned out to be really empowering as they met with their local representatives or spoke publicly at city council meetings.

Here are some of their personal accounts:

Now more than ever, we need your help! We need you to come forward and volunteer to talk to you local city council, LGBT organizations, Civil Rights groups and other Organization to see if they are willing to:

  • sponsor a resolution to put their cities, county and state on record as supporting the passage of UAFA as well as its inclusion in CIR;
  • write a "Dear Colleague" letter to their Congressional representative urging support and action for Equal Immigration Rights for Same- Sex Binational Couples;
  • have their organization take a position on Equal Immigration Rights for Same- Sex Binational Couples by supporting the passage of UAFA.

And if you do not believe us, below are some examples of the support we have secured. If you can spare a few hours and take the lead (we will help you with materials, how to make contact and support), please let us know. Contact Tom at today.

Don't forget to join our weekly letter writing campaign at too.

Resolutions and Dear Colleagues letters (click on links for copies in PDF format)



  • State Representative sent letters to Sen. Lincoln and Sen. Pryor (waiting for copies)









  • Mayor of Salisbury sent letters to Sen. Mikulski and Rep. Kratovil (waiting for copies)
  • Mayor of Takoma Park sent letters to Sen. Mikulski and Rep. Van Hollen (waiting for copies)




New York

Rhode Island


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