Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ferndale, Michigan Passes Resolution in Support of UAFA

Thanks again to great work by Tom Tierney, another American city has passed a resolution in support of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA).

Ferndale, MI (on the outskirts of Detroit) joins the growing list of cities (and the California State Assembly) in passing supportive resolutions:

• California State Assembly
• City of Binghamton, NY
• City of Cambridge, MA
• City of Chicago, IL
• City of Ferndale, MI
• City of Los Angeles, CA
• City of Miami Beach, FL
• City of Minneapolis, MN
• City of New York, NY
• City of San Francisco, CA
• City of St. Louis, MO
• City of Seattle, WA
• City of West Hollywood, CA

Special thanks go to the mayor of Ferndale, Craig Covey, and the Ferndale City Council for introducing this resolution and putting their city on record in support of same-sex binational couples and our families.

How many more cities can pass these resolutions? It's up to ALL OF US to add to this list.

E-mail Tom at tom@out4immigration.org if you'd like to work on getting a supportive resolution from a city in your state - you don't need to be a resident, so if you are living in exile, Tom can help you reconnect with your local elected officials.

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