Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hartford, CT supports the passage of Uniting American Families Act

The city council of Hartford, CT, passed a resolution in support of UAFA last night!

A very special thanks goes out to Out4Immigration member Pete Famiglietti, who worked with the city council and their staff to make this resolution a reality. Pete also went to the city council meeting and read a statement in support of UAFA and received applause from those in attendance!

Hartford now becomes the 14th city to pass a supportive resolution, and joins this list of other cities and the California State Assembly in supporting us:
• California State Assembly
• City of Binghamton, NY
• City of Cambridge, MA
• City of Chicago, IL
• City of Ferndale, MI
• City of Hartford, CT
• City of Los Angeles, CA
• City of Miami Beach, FL
• City of Minneapolis, MN
• City of New York, NY
• City of San Francisco, CA
• City of St. Louis, MO
• City of Seattle, WA
• City of Troy, NY
• City of West Hollywood, CA
If you'd like to thank the President of the Hartford city council - Mr. Pedro Segarra - you may e-mail him here: segap001@hartford.gov

You may also e-mail Mr. Segarra's legislative assistant - Mr. Sixto Lazu Jr., who was very helpful in getting this passed: lazus001@hartford.gov

Have you contacted a city council near you about a UAFA resolution? Have you contacted your local LGBT Community Center or Statewide Equality organization about endorsing UAFA?

How many more resolutions can we get passed to help raise awareness about UAFA?

Please e-mail Tom Tierney if you'd like to help: tom@out4immigration.org

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