Friday, May 14, 2010

Geert & Mel's Story: A Green Card Victory

Congratulations to two of Out4Immigration’s long-time supporters, Mel & Geert! After many years, Geert received his green card last month. This same-sex binational couple (Geert, at the right is from The Netherlands, and Mel, at left, is an American citizen) have been together for more than 30 years. Together they have navigated the US immigration system through many twists and turns, including the HIV travel ban.
The lifting of the ban earlier this year, made Geert’s green card application possible.

Geert & Mel specifically thank all those who write letters and call Congress every week for all you do to keep equal immigration rights and the need for the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) in front of those who can make a difference. The couple also are greatly indebted to their Congresswoman, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA-9) for her ceaseless support of UAFA and LGBT immigration rights.

Out4Immigration thanks Geert and Mel for all they do on our behalf – we don’t think they have ever missed a chance to march with O4I here in San Francisco. We also share this story with all of you to let you know that there is always hope. Do not give up on your own personal quests for the pursuit of happiness in America. And, do not give up on grassroots activism. It really does make a difference. If you are in a same-sex binational relationship, call your representatives in Congress today and tell them that you need their help. Even if they have already signed onto UAFA, they can urge their colleagues to do the same – and possibly more.


Dianna said...

How did you get your green card? CONGRATS!!

henk said...

I congratulate the USA regarding to their wisdom after so many years. Hopefully this wisdom will continue during the Obama presidency. Holland admires Obama for his courage, his "follow your heart" behaviour and his great long term vision and wisdom.
From Holland, Henk Botzen

Mark Liberg said...

Hi Geert
So good to see you!
Lang geleden zeg....
Gefeliciteerd met je green card
Alles sal regkom;-)