Thursday, April 04, 2013

National Day of Action for Comprehensive Immigration Reform - San Francisco

In conjunction with the National Day of Action for Immigration Reform, the San Francisco Bay Coalition for Immigrant Justice will be holding a rally and a march on April 10th, Wednesday starting at 3pm in front of the office building of Senator Dianne Feinstein (One Post Street).

The event page on Facebook is here:

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Out4Immigration will have a same-sex binational couple as part of the immigrant rights' coalition visiting Sen. Feinstein's office before the march from One Post Street to Civic Center. We will also have at least one other same-sex binational couple speaking at the rally at Civic Center.

We are marching to make sure that CIR is inclusive, humane and includes LGBT families!  

If you live in San Francisco Bay Area, I would urge all of you to come out and march with us!

We are also looking for other events happening across the country.  If you know of any events, please let us know - email

UPDATE: You can find the list of events happening across the country here: 

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