Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Legal Action for Repeal of DOMA Based on Immigration Benefits Not Advised by Out4Immigration

Out4Immigration urges caution on any legal action for the repeal of DOMA based on immigration benefits. For some time now, we have been told by civil rights attorneys that suing the federal government based on immigration benefits is not the right strategy. With the recent announcements by the Obama Administration that DOMA is unconstitutional, we have consulted again with a few civil rights attorneys who have been working closely on this issue and they have continued to urge caution about filing lawsuits against DOMA in this manner. We have had recent successes in the immigration courts but filing a federal lawsuit might instead jeopardize the advancements that have been made.

Out4Immigration has actually been approached to join in the lawsuit by the same organization that is asking many of you to join as individuals. We have decided not to join the lawsuit because of the following reasons:

1) We do not have the resources or capability as an all-volunteer organization.

2) We trust the legal opinions of our civil rights attorneys who have been working with us for the past few years and provided important guidance.

For those who still want to join this lawsuit, we ask that you seek your own legal advice and make sure you understand the risks involved before proceeding.

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