Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Out4Immigration is pleased to partner again with the amazing activists at GetEQUAL and Stop the Deportations to bring the world the story of Jesse & Max, a same-sex binational couple living in exile. Like thousands of other couples, Jesse & Max have been forced out of the United States because the federal government will not recognize them as a loving and committed couple. Jesse is an American citizen. Doesn't he deserve the same rights as an American man who marries a woman from another country? Or an American woman who marries a man from another country?

We're sure you think so, too! Visit GetEQUAL's webpage devoted to this story, where you can quickly download this video for sharing on your social networks.

You can also sign this petition to Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security. She has the power to issue humanitarian parole to the foreign partners of American citizens, so that these couples can come home for the holidays.

We hope in 2012 we see an end to the stories of exile, separation and uncertainty. The one way we know we have achieved all that did transpire in 2011 was because of the stories so many of us continue to tell. Over the holidays, be sure to share yours. There's a great new site devoted to helping you explain what a binational couple is and why we are denied the right to keep our families together in the United States. It's called GayItForward.

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