Monday, April 18, 2011

MSNBC: Same-Sex Couples Fight for Immigration Rights!

Judy Rickard and Karin Bogliolo were interviewed by Thomas Robert at MSNBC this morning to talk about the reintroduction of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) last week.

During the interview, the couple disclosed that they have recently traveled to Vermont to get married! We just want to say thank you to this fearless couple, who are always willing to speak out at any opportunity about the struggles faced by same-sex binational couples trying to stay together in this country! You can watch the video of their interview below.

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We would also urge you to head on to after you have finished watching the interview to join our weekly petition to try to get more support for EQUAL immigration rights for same sex binational couples. The link to the petition is here:

If you are interested in reading / buying Judy's book, Torn Apart - United by Love, Divided by Law, head on to to buy a copy. If you use the code, OUT416, when you check out at findhornpress, a $4 donation will be earmarked for Out4Immigration.


Sterling Art Services said...

Go Judy and Karin! You were the perfect couple for this interview. I can't imagine anyone watching not being moved, or at least think, "huh, seems they should be able to do this...", and this is what makes change happen.

Movement IS happening. Look at this! The UAFA talk I've never seen on national TV. I'm so proud of you fine ladies for propelling the issue into the national spotlight.

TwoBroadsAbroad said...

Thanks sweetie! Glad to help any way we can. We deserve to be treated the same as all other Americans!