Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Torn Apart:: United by Love, Divided by Law" by Judy Rickard

Judy Rickard, a member of our group and an LGBT activist living in San Jose, CA has just written a book featuring stories from 21 same-sex binational couples (including 3 couples with young children) titled Torn Apart - United by Love, Divided by Law. It also features a foreword by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love and Committed: A Love Story.

Proceeds or royalties from the sale of the book will benefit Out4Immigration, Love Exiles and Immigration Equality - however, if you pre-order today with the code OUT416 $4 will be directly donated towards Out4Immigration.

The book will be published sometime in May but you can pre-order your copy now.

You can read excerpt from the book here

Here is also an interview of Judy Rickard, the author of the book with the website, feetintwoworlds.

BTW - Judy took early retirement from working in the San Jose School district (and has had to take a reduced pension) because both she and her partner are both in their sixties and separated in two different countries. Judy wanted to have the ability to travel to visit her partner or even leave the US to live in exile. She has also been widely credited by Rep. Mike Honda of San Jose, CA for making him decided to include LGBT families in his immigration reform bill, the Reuniting Families Act. That action also led to Sen. Menendez to include LGBT families in his Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill during last session of Congress, and Rep. Guitierrez to say he will add same-sex couples in a House version of the bill. CIR was not brought up for a vote in 2010, but it is hoped that same-sex binational couples and our families will remain in the legislation when it is reintroduced in the future.

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