Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Video That Can Change Hearts and Minds

Our members blog, we tweet, we Facebook and post to our Yahoo group. We write op-eds and give interviews on radio, TV and podcast. We've published our stories in major newspapers and magazines - crisp, clear well-written prose explaining how we met, what happened when we realized our relationships had no protection under US immigration law and how we came to support the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Several of us have made videos documenting various aspects of being in a same-sex binational relationship -- united by love, divided by law.

But no one has ever documented those final hours a couple shares together, when they have to say goodbye for a period of time that is unknown to them, in such real-time, raw, unedited heartbreaking honesty - until now.

Our members Inger and Philippa captured these moments for the world to see in an effort to document for the world the injustice and discrimination in US immigration law against its own citizens and the men and women we love.

Click here to see the video, which is currently only available on Facebook. Note: It is difficult to hear the audio - but a transcript accompanies the video. The couple has had offers to help them "clean up" the video, but they prefer you see it this way. Its realness is jarring.

Join the Out4Immigration Facebook page (if you haven't already) and circulate this video to anyone who you think can help keep our families together. This raw footage is upsetting to watch, but unfortunately it happens way too often.

Help us stop this happening to good people, to American citizens who work hard, pay taxes and contribute to their communities. US immigration law does not recognize LGBT relationships at the federal level. And until that changes, there will be more couples forced apart like Inger and Philippa. It happens every week.

Join Out4Immigration on Facebook or on our Yahoo Groups list and get involved by taking part in our weekly letter writing campaign, building coalitions with other groups who will support UAFA and get your city or state to pass a resolution in support of UAFA and equal immigration rights for same-sex binational couples. We need every one of us who is affected by this issue - and who knows a couple like Inger and Philippa to get involved - today.

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