Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Orleans becomes the 20th City to support Equal Immigration Rights for Same Sex Binational Couples!

The New Orleans city council unanimously passed a resolution in support of UAFA today, becoming the 20th city to do so.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Out4Immigration members Phil and Sheila in Louisiana - THANK YOU Phil and Sheila!!

New Orleans joins 19 other cities, as well as the State of California in passing these resolutions:

• City of Albany, NY
• City of Berkeley, CA
• City of Binghamton, NY
• City of Cambridge, MA
• City of Campbell, CA
• City of Chapel Hill, NC
• City of Chicago, IL
• City of Ferndale, MI
• City of Hartford, CT
• City of Los Angeles, CA
• City of Miami Beach, FL
• City of Minneapolis, MN
• City of New Orleans, LA
• City of New York, NY
• City of San Francisco, CA
• City of St. Louis, MO
• City of Seattle, WA
• City of Troy, NY
• City of Washington, DC
• City of West Hollywood, CA

As each resolution passes, elected officials around the country are made aware of the issue and the need to pass UAFA.

In New Orleans, this resolution caught the attention of the Statewide Equality group, which now wants to help us with efforts at pushing UAFA in Louisiana.

Imagine what would happen if everyone reading this worked on a resolution or reached out locally to get support for UAFA. We'd have a LOT more support than we do now and more support is what we need if we want this to pass.

In the next few weeks, Out4Immigration will be releasing a 'Grassroots Groundswell Kit' that will contain the tools anyone can use to make this happen - and we need ALL of you to take part - if you're reading this, that means YOU.

This is beginning to sound like a broken record here - if YOU want UAFA to pass, YOU must take action locally to make this happen - nobody is going to do this for you.

Now is the time to Step Up!! Please email Tom Tierney at for more information!

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