Friday, June 25, 2010

San Francisco Pride this Weekend!

Just a reminder that San Francisco Pride is happening this weekend and we have a flurry of activities starting today.

We hope that you all can come out, participate, meet other folks and help raise awareness and educate the public about our issue.

For more information about the various events that Out4Immigration is conducting - please read our newsletter.

An update - we have a confirmed location for the booth for this weekend (please see attached map for the exact location). Marriage Equality has kindly given us some space in their booth for us to disseminate information with members of the public. If you can volunteer for an hour or two to speak to people about the need for the passage of Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) as well as Comprehensive Immigration Reform that includes LGBT Americans with foreign partners, please give Nikki Fraietta a call at 415-271-9716.

Don't forget that we will be meeting on Beale Street (between Howard and Mission) on Sunday for the parade. Please be there by 10am! Our contingent number is 135. If you have difficulty locating us, please keep this numbers handy, Reinhold (415.310.9798), Erik (415.377.0387), Kathy (415.606.2085) and Mickey (415.504.2135)

Much thanks to Chris Barnett, Kathy Drasky, Nikki Fraietta, Reinhold, Erik Schnabel for organizing all the events this weekend. We also want to thank Ms Molly McKay of Marriage Equality for sharing booth space with us.

We would not be able to do this without all your help and assistance!

Amos Lim

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