Friday, April 30, 2010

Out4Immigration’s Grassroots Efforts Get Senate’s Attention

APRIL 30, 2010

Out4Immigration’s Grassroots Efforts Get Senate’s Attention
Permanent Partners Included in Senate Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Amos Lim, Out4Immigration, 415-608-5526,

San Francisco, CA – April 30, 2010—Yesterday was an important day for Out4Immigration, the all-volunteer grassroots organization that fights for same-sex binational couples and their families to be included in comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). With the inclusion of permanent partners in the Senate’s framework for CIR, it is evident that the many different grassroots activities the group engages in are having an impact.

Amos Lim, Founding Board Member, says in an open letter to the group’s members who have worked tirelessly for passage of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) and its inclusion in CIR:

I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally get the confirmation that LGBT Families will be included in Comprehensive Immigration Reform -- making it a truly INCLUSIVE bill.

The HARD work now begins: Now, more than ever, we need to step up our efforts. If you want an INCLUSIVE CIR bill to be passed, we need to keep up the pressure right now and do everything we can to make sure Congress hears us!

I do not think this success would have been possible if YOU did not write letters to your Congressional representatives sharing your personal stories. It would not have been possible if you did not participate in our weekly CALL CONGRESS and Letter Writing Campaign activities. It would not have been possible if YOU did not step up and help work on getting your cities and counties introducing resolutions in support of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) and an INCLUSIVE CIR.  YOU DID IT!

So if you have just been sitting in your little corner of the world and doubtful of what you can do -- this is the time to shake it off and start doing something!

Now I need you to do more. Can you do more?
  1. May Day events are happening everywhere tomorrow -- it is a Saturday and a nonworking day for a lot of people.  It is time to come out and march! It is time that we tell Congress we need action on CIR!  Find an event that is happening in your city here:

  2. Continue to join our weekly CALL CONGRESS activities and our Letter Writing Campaign and help us get more signatures and people participating for those activities. The more cosponsors we get for UAFA (which has the highest number of cosponsors of any immigrant bill) will indicate to Congressional leaders that there is widespread support for this bill and it should not be left out of CIR – leading Senate Democrats agree!

  3. We are still working on getting more cities and counties on board in support of UAFA and that it remains a part of the Senate framework for CIR going forward. Can you help us get more cities on board?  If you can, please email Tom Tierney ( for more information.
The bill has not been introduced yet -- what was released was just a framework – but it is SIGNIFICANT that we, LGBT Families, have been included in this framework.  We need now to keep the momentum going to ensure that the bill gets introduced, moves through the Senate floor and is voted on with LGBT families still in there.

I hope what happened yesterday, gives you some lift in your step today and gives you some hope that the end of your struggles will soon be over. I hope it will give you more strength to stand up and work to make sure that the bill gets passed.  Don't hesitate. It is time to do something. NOW.

To Kathy, Tom, Gina, Todd, Melanie, Shirley, Peter, Tim, Debbie, Chris, Zoe, Judy, Erik, Jim, Juan Carlos, Martha, Lin, Michael, Sandy, Robert, Phil, Eleanor, Sheila, Connie, Madison, Shannon and the many many more of you (whom I might have missed) for all of your work these past two years to make this a reality, I say THANK YOU! 

The fight is not over -- it is just beginning. Let's finish this and ensure that the bill gets passed.
For more information:
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