Thursday, April 15, 2010

Miami Beach Supports the Passage of Uniting American Families Act!

Miami Beach has become the latest city to pass a resolution in support of UAFA!

This resolution passed yesterday morning and I should have a copy of it next week.

I want to thank the binationals in the Miami area that sent their stories in, Commissioner Michael Gongora and his staff for their willingness to introduce this resolution, and a special thanks to Michael D. Ray who went to the City Council meeting and testified about UAFA and answered questions from the Mayor.

We have some momentum here - let's keep it up!

Please contact Tom if you'd like to work on a resolution from a city in your State.

PLEASE HELP US HERE! If everyone on this list helped out with this in cities in their State, a HELL of a lot more people would know about UAFA and we'd have more supporters.

We also need more letters from local elected officials to Senators and Representatives.

What are you waiting for? Stand up and help move UAFA forward TODAY!

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KazzaDrask Media said...

This is great news and great momentum! Thanks to everyone who worked on this resolution and the others O4I has gotten passed for making this happen!