Monday, March 15, 2010

Local Actions in San Francisco for Out4Immigration to Support the Drive for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Erik Schnabel has taken the lead to help us organize local actions for Out4Immigration members that could not make the trip to DC for the Immigration Rights March on March 21st.

We will be joining a whole coalition of immigrant organizations and their members to rally for an Inclusive Comprehensive Immigration Reform! Here's the email he sent to our members.

Dear Fellow Out4Immigration folks,

I wanted to let people know that there are some upcoming local actions that it would be great to get more Out4Immigration people to come out for. I have been connecting with local organizers on beHalf of Out4Immigration for the March 21st Reform for Immigration America group and to make sure that LGBT issues are on the agenda. As part of the drive to get people out for the nationwide March 21st march in Washington DC, there are a number of local actions in the San Francisco Bay Area that we would really like to get people out for.

  1. One is a day of constant contact with CA senators Feinstein and Boxer. Various immigrant rights groups will be going to the Senators offices letting them know that immigration reform is important and that it needs to happen soon. It is not a formal sit-down meeting with the staff, but rather a drop-in to their office to let them know immigration is an important issues and why. We can totally use this time to bring up UAFA and other LGBT-inclusive steps that need to be included to make Comprehensive Immigration Reform also inclusive to LGBT issues. I would like to encourage other people to show up and join me on Wednesday. Out4Immigration has a time spot reserved at Sen. Boxer's office for 11am and at Sen. Feinstein's office at 11:30am. Please contact me at erikschnabel@hotmail for more info and to sign up to help out.

  2. As a local response to the March 21 RIFA event in DC, there will also be a local event when people return from DC. Again this will be a rally in front of Sen. Feinstein's office, on March 24th from 4-6pm. Organizations and individuals will gather at Justin Herman plaza at 4pm by the BART station. From there they will proceed up Market St. and stop at Sen. Feinstein's office at One Post Street at 4:30pm. The rally in front of the Senator's office will start at 5pm. Various local politicians and activists are expected to be there to say why Immigration reform is important now. Another good chance to get out the word on LGBT inclusion in CIR. Feel free to contact me again at if you have questions or to get a flyer with more details sent to you.

Hope to see you all there,
Erik Schnabel

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