Sunday, November 08, 2009

Actions to take to get more support for UAFA

by Amos Lim

Many people have asked what they can do to ensure that the Uniting American Families Act passes or to make sure LGBT Families are included in Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

We encourage you to go to our action link on this blog and take part in our letter writing campaign. Don't just sign one... as every action is a different one.

If you want to do more, here are some other ways you could help us get more co-sponsors:

(1) Write your own letter and share your personal story about why this bill and issue is important for you and/or your family member;

(2) Creat a booklet telling your story. See for more info on this option.

(3) Send the action page link to your families and friends and get them to send letters too… it is just a simple click of the button and it is easy.

Out4Immigration is an all grassroots organization and you can find more information about us at or through facebook or twitter.

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