Monday, November 09, 2009

1 more cosponsor of Uniting American Families Act - 118 in total now!

by Amos Lim

Hey Folks,

If you don't believe that writing letters worked, here's something to brighten up your Monday.

Rep Alan Grayson, one of the target of our letter writing campaign 3 weeks ago, just signed on to be the 118 cosponsors of UAFA. This is also the 1st week that we started our action page on to make it simpler for you to send your letters!

Drop Rep Grayson an email to thank him for supporting the bill (he accepts emails from everyone) or give his office a call at (202) 225-2176 to let his office know what this means to your family and you!

Don't forget, this week, we are targeting Rep Luis Gutierrez to make sure that he includes us, LGBT families, in his immigration reform bill. If you have not participated, the link is here:

Remember, once you have sent the letter to Rep Luis Gutierrez, we encourage you to go to our action link on the right side of this blog and take part in the other letter writing campaign. Don't just sign one... as every action is a different one, sign them all!

If you want to do more, click here to find out how else you could get more cosponsors.

Please do not lose hope.... this is working... believe it!

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