Saturday, May 18, 2013

Out4Immigration Actions in San Francisco, Hightlighted on KTVU News

A contingent of nearly 20 volunteers came to San Francisco City Hall on Thursday morning, May 16 to for a press conference with Supervisor David Campos (second from the right).

We were there to tell our stories about the fight for immigration rights and how marriage inequality does not let us sponsor our partners for immigration purposes.

We then moved to a subcommittee hearing chaired by Sup. Campos to decide if the City of San Francisco should put forward a resolution urging California's elected officials to support the inclusion of same-sex binationals in immigration reform. The resolution, drafted by O4I members Amos Lim and Erik Schnabel, was approved to advance to a vote by the entire Board of Supervisors later this month.

Following the hearing, the group rushed downtown for a 12:30 appointment to deliver a petition with more than 6,000 signatures started by Amos and picked up by MoveOn to Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office. The petition urges the Senator to support our inclusion in the immigration reform bill.

KTVU News was on the scene and interviewed volunteer Gina Caprio. We became part of a larger news story on the evening news devoted to groups who fear being left out of comprehensive immigration reform. The clip is archived here:

Once again thanks to the volunteers who came out for this midweek action - Amos, Erik, Gina, Judy, Chris, Kathy, John, Martha, Trey, Ashlee, Ky and supporters from MoveOn, the San Francisco faith community and Supervisor Campos.

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