Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vote4Amos: Amos Lim, Co-Founder of Out4Immigration for SFPride 2013 Community Grand Marshall

by Kathy Drasky

It is with great enthusiasm I urge everyone reading this to vote for Amos Lim, Out4Immigration's fearless co-founder and stalwart leader for SFPride 2013 Community Grand Marshall. Click here to cast your vote.

You do not have to live in San Francisco, and you can vote for Amos plus two others to share this distinction - so, go ahead and click now and vote!

To those of you who have worked with Out4Immigration over the years, since we started up in 2006, Amos needs no introduction. He is the force behind this group that has taken us from the dark days, when even our own LGBT community knew very little about same-sex binationals, and propelled us onto the national stage.

Along the way, Amos has been one of the keys to building the bridge that now spans between comprehensive immigration reform and marriage equality. In this historic month, as Congress debates the inclusion of same-sex binationals in immigration reform and the Supreme Court of the United States hears the marriage equality cases, Amos' contribution rings loud and clear.

Those of us who volunteer alongside Amos know him as our champion. He motivates us when things seem bleak and supports us as a friend, understanding first-hand the daily struggles same-sex binationals face in coping with life under unjust immigration laws.

Your vote must be cast by the end of March, so please, click here now and give Amos and Out4Immigration your support. 

Amos' official bio for SFPride 2013 Community Grand Marshall, is reprinted below. Please feel free to share this post!

Amos Lim immigrated from Singapore to the United States in 1999 to be with his husband, Mickey. But this move was not simple. Amos and Mickey encountered first hand the discrimination faced by same-sex binational couples under current US immigration law, that was compounded by DOMA. The struggle to stay in America, and have his marriage recognized, led Amos to activism, first co-founding Out4Immigration  and then becoming a proponent of marriage equality.

As the Community Outreach Director for the all-volunteer grassroots group, Out4Immigration, Amos has worked both locally and nationally to raise the profile of same-sex binational couples, leading workshops, speaking to the media and teaching other couples to advocate for change to U.S. immigration law and meet with their Congressional representatives to ask for support of the Uniting American Families Act and Reuniting Families Act. Amos was an early supporter of full federal marriage rights, and forged strong alliances for same-sex binational couples with Marriage Equality USA and GetEQUAL.

Amos has been instrumental in raising awareness about the unique struggles same-sex binational couples face and bringing that into the larger immigration dialog. In 2007, he organized San Francisco’s Immigrant Rights Summit where LGBT immigration issues were discussed for the first time. He has also been part of the San Francisco City ID Card committee. Amos currently sits on the LGBT Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and the City College of San Francisco's Bond Oversight Committee.

Amos has an extensive professional background in the corporate sector, with experiences in project management, community organizing, business development and human resources. He currently lives in San Francisco with his husband Mickey and their adorable 5-year-old daughter.
More info: or vote for Amos here

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