Tuesday, May 03, 2011

URGENT ACTION: May 6 - Stop the Deporatation of Henry Velandia and All Spouses of LGBT Americans

Stop the Deportation of Henry Velandia and All Spouses of LGBT Americans, Friday, May 6, Newark, NJ

Out4Immigration urges everyone in the Newark, NJ area to come out to protest the deportation of Henry Velandia Friday, May 6 at 11am:

Department of Homeland Security/Newark Immigration Court – Peter Rodino Federal Building
970 Broad Street
Newark, New Jersey

Henry (shown here at the right) legally married Josh Vandiver (left), a US citizen in Connecticut last year. But because of DOMA our federal government does not recognize this marriage and is ready to deport Henry. This couple will literally be torn apart, Josh's husband taken from him and returned to his native Venezuela, banning them from being together again on U.S. soil for 10 years!

Sadly, Josh and Henry are not the only same-sex binational couple in this situation. We need to make our voices heard that separating loving and committed couples is unacceptable. President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano can stop these deportations while we continue to work to pass legislation like the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), inclusive Comprehensive Immigration Reform and repeal DOMA. More details on Friday's action are on Facebook.

Can't Get to Newark on May 6? Here's What You Can Do

Online activism: There are several online petitions targeting Obama, Napolitano and members of Congress. Sign Stop the Deportation of Henry Velandia; Sign Dear USCIS: Don't Go Back to Denying Green Cards to Loving Same-Sex Couples; Sign the weekly petition for Congressional and Executive Support of the Uniting American Families Act. After you sign each of these, please circulate them widely. Post them on your Facebook page, Tweet them, send them in an email to your friends and family and let them know we need everyone's support.

Be a spokesperson for change: Local news outlets are looking for the local angle on stories like the deportation of Henry Velandia. This is national news. Call or email your local newspaper, TV station or contact your favorite blogger. Tell them you are a same-sex binational couple and this affects you. Share this mailer with journalists you know and respect.

Tell your story: Our greatest tool are our stories. We will publish yours on the Out4Immigration blog and share it with our nearly 5,000 followers. By telling your story you raise awareness within the LGBT community, the immigrant rights' community and your community-at-large. When people realize that regardless of our commitment to our partners, that in spite of being legally married, in a civil union or a domestic partnership that we are still denied the right to live in our own country with the person we love, they work with us to help us break down the barriers that stand in our way. Stand up, speak out.

Follow Henry's case: Henry's deportation hearing is set for May 6. Follow Out4Immigration on Facebook and Twitter for the breaking news.

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