Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get Involved, Get Empowered

Video by Gina Caprio

Out4Immigration volunteers take on and produce projects like this one, a simple video for YouTube that can go viral and be circulated around the world. It doesn't cost us much more than our time to tell our stories and get the word out that the United States lags far behind so many other countries and municipalities when it comes to equal immigration rights for our gay and lesbian citizens. Everyone is invited to contribute to making Americans aware the United States is denying people who love each other, adults in long-term committed relationships, the simple human right of sharing their lives together.

This is a right most Americans, including the majority of gay and lesbian Americans take for granted. But if you are a gay or lesbian American who falls in love with a person from another country, you will suddenly realize how fragile our "rights" are.

Please watch this video. Please circulate it. And please get involved as a volunteer with Out4Immigration. Email us at info@out4immigration today and let us know your ideas for raising awareness and achieving immigration equality for all Americans.

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