Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cleveland OH supports the passage of Uniting American Families Act!

Cleveland OH just became the 33rd city in this nation to support the passage of the Uniting American Families Act! Many thanks to Tim K for getting this resolution passed! Below is a report from him that we would like to share with you!
Well, make MY hometown Number Thirty-Three! (Is that correct?)

I am happy to share with the group that last night The City Council of Cleveland, Ohio unanimously passed Resolution 1053-10,

"AN EMERGENCY RESOLUTION Urging Congress to pass The Uniting American Families Act, and supporting the removal of legal barriers to immigration by permanent same-gender partners."

The resolution was originally sponsored/introduced by Councilman Joe Cimperman, but was also co-sponsored by Councilman Matt Zone (the councilman of the ward my business is in), Council Majority Leader Phyllis Cleveland and The Honorable Frank Jackson, Mayor of Cleveland himself! Cleveland City Council has nineteen members and EVERY SINGLE MEMBER voted to support the resolution; in fact, Councilman Cimperman shared that he believed even MORE Council members would have been co-sponsors had this not been a "special meeting month" (council is on legislative recess for August) and the council schedule would have been normal.

I am so very proud of my city today, and EVERY city, state assembly and county board that has issued similar resolutions. I really, REALLY feel that these resolutions send a message to our elected officials -- these resolutions ARE important! I hate to boast but I have worked to secure TWO resolutions now, Lakewood, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio. And I am not done yet -- Ohio has has a LOT of cities, LOL!

I challenge everyone that reads this post to try for at least one resolution. O4I can supply all the tools you need -- believe me, if I can get two, I know you can get one! Imagine if we had resolutions from the 100 Largest Cities in America -- now THAT would be a powerful argument to present Congress to pass UAFA as a stand alone bill...

One takeaway that I feel is VERY important to share from this whole experience? I know it sounds like a broken record, but when we SHARE OUR STORIES, share our joy and the pain we suffer because of current stupid immigration laws, then we connect with our elected officials on a human, emotional level and change happens. I know many of you are afraid; I was, too, when I started. But by putting myself out there, I feel like I have really done something to help bring my beloved "M" home to me for good. Think about it. You and your partner CAN make a difference.

I hope I can count on you all to send a brief thank you note to the following officials:
The Honorable Frank Jackson, Mayor of Cleveland:

Council Majority Leader Phyllis Cleveland:

Councilman Joe Cimperman:

Councilman Matt Zone:
Keep up the good fight, my brothers and sisters. We CAN win this fight -- and, I think maybe sooner than later -- but we MUST keep fighting for what is ours. We must keep sharing our stories and talking about our situations and asking for the rights we are being denied until there is no one left to ask.

Your brothers in the fight for swift, just and gay- and lesbian-inclusive immigration reform in 2010,

Tim in Cleveland and my beloved "M"

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