Tuesday, July 13, 2010

State College, PA becomes the 23rd City to pass resolution in support of UAFA!

The city council of State College, PA passed a resolution in support of UAFA last night, 12th July, 2010!

State College becomes the 23rd city to pass a supportive resolution.

This resolution was achieved because someone named Audrey, who is not in a binational relationship and not on this listserv, wanted to do something to support her friend, who is in a binational relationship.

Audrey relayed her experience at the city council hearing last night:

Council member Peter Morris introduced the resolution and took a few questions on it from other council members who seemed to confuse themselves with lawyers and Congress members -- they wanted to know what the definition of "permanent partner" was and how it would prevent abuse of the system. Then Peter asked me to speak, and I told them that I was sure that Congress and the immigration service would hammer out a definition and criteria to prevent abuse, that it wasn't council's job to worry about those details. We were only asking them to support this resolution because we are losing valuable community members due to an unjust immigration policy.

It was opposed by James Rosenberger and Silvi Lawrence (she is one of the usual suspects in all social justice issues), but approved by everyone else! Donald Hahn (another of the usual suspects) was an initial no, but changed his mind when he listened to Peter Morris and myself expound on the issues!! Tom Daubert was also nearly a no, because he misunderstood the wording and was afraid of it looking like he approved of illegal immigrants -- hello???? The UAFA is to help people be legal!!!!! Ugh!

There was also a piece on the resolution in the local paper (Thanks Pete for pointing this out!):


Folks - we have over 500 people on this e-mail list.

WHY aren't more people working on this in their area or in a city nearby?

HOW can anyone on this list expect others to know about something like this and take action to support it if you don't reach out?

Please think about it. Please contact Tom Tierney (tom@out4immigration.org) if you can help or want more information!

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