Monday, June 07, 2010

CT Pride - An Update from Sandy

Out4Immigration had a booth at CT Pride in Hartford this weekend. It was the first time we had a presence at this growing event in the Northeast. One of our members Sandy writes to tell us how the day went.
A group of us went to Connecticut Pride in Hartford yesterday and manned a booth telling people about our organization, about UAFA and what it means.

We had stickers and magnets and handouts for people to explain our issue and tell people about UAFA. It was great! Every time I go out and talk about UAFA, I'm surprised at how many people don't know anything about UAFA and the immigration inequality that we face. It just brings out how much we need to spread the word... talk to people and let them know the issues we face. When people hear about it, they are surprised and VERY supportive - they just don't know!

So it was a great day and we made lots of contacts with other LGBT organizations as well as individuals, including at least one binational couple that was not aware of our group. So it was a great day, well worth the time spent and fun to talk to others. We were also able to make some contacts to go speak to a couple of LGBT groups and continue to spread the word. I want to thank Pete who did most of the legwork for the effort - getting the table and tent set up and producing all the handouts and magnets and also Debbie who was there to help and, as always, the great support from Tom T. who is one of O4I's major voices who gives us the good ideas and the push that we need to get out there and make contacts! Thanks to all who helped in the effort.

I hope that everyone can get out this summer and make some contacts. If each one of us went to two events or spoke at two or three meetings - city councils, PFLAG meetings, etc., think of what a difference it would make in bringing awareness of UAFA to potential supporters.

Enjoy the summer and keep up the fight!

Out4Immigration will also have a presence at Denver Pride, Sacramento Pride and San Francisco Pride. Visit the "Events" section on our Facebook page for more information.

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