Saturday, February 06, 2010

Papers the Movie: Stories of Undocumented Youth

by Kathy Drasky

It was great to see a screening of Papers today at Creating Change. This is a truly well done documentary about undocumented youth in America. Kids who were brought to the US when they were very young -- in some cases as infants -- by their parents, often to escape hardship and persecution in a third world country. One or both of their parents are undocumented. Typically these kids do not even know that they are undocumented until they are in high school -- and by then, the reality they face is chilling. What do they do when they turn 18 and graduate from high school?

The Dream Act is an immigration reform bill like the UAFA. It would help a segment of people who need immigration reform -- granting citizenship to undocumented youth who receive a 4-year college degree or enter the military. Please watch the trailer, and visit the film's website to learn more.

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Comm said...

Hey Kathy,, Well done and great reporting. On our BLOG at lezgetreal, I have been getting comments from Latina Immig community and others - this is what they are saying - They are asking LGBT to step away because they believe we will hamper a bill that is going to help 12 million against our relatively few 100,000 estimate at most/ That is why it is important advocate our participation as an equality issue - for the American Spouse - more than an immigration issue. That is the message that can helo the straight immigrant community understand why we need to be included. mel