Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Info on the March 21 Call to Action for LGBT Immigration Reform -- in DC and around the World

Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest and those of you who have already committed to being in DC on March 21 -- or organizing your own action in tandem with the Reform Immigration for America (RIFA) movement.

We need each of you who have said you are interested in organizing a local action to:

1) Use the O4I Yahoo Groups forum as well as our O4I Facebook page to recruit other O4I members in your area. Coordinate and form a team!
2) Use grassroots activism tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogging and old-fashioned community bulletin boards to recruit others in your area -- your friends, your colleagues -- both individuals and those from other organizations. Think LGBT community center, PFLAG, religious groups and other immigrant rights groups. In particular, keep up with RIFA (the organizers of the DC event to see if they are planning any local actions you can join in. There is strength in numbers.
4) Choose a location for your rally.

For those of you going to DC -- please use the O4I Yahoo Groups list forum to connect with others and arrange meetups, transportation, lodging, etc. The events of March 21 are very large and widespread and we need everyone who is reading this post to stand up in some way -- large or small, national or local.

Out4Immigration will use its online forums and social networking capabilities to keep the word spreading and to hook up as many of you with one another as we can.

Closer to the date, when we have more firm commitments of who will be rallying and where, we will provide a list of targeted press instructions.

So, please -- work together folks and make your voices heard for March 21.

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