Monday, February 22, 2010

Call to Action: March 21, Stand Up Around the World and Demand Immigration Reform for Same-Sex Binational Couples

A grassroots action is forming on the back of a major Reform Immigration in America (RIFA) taking place in Washington DC on March 21.

Many Out4Immigration members expressed interest in trying to get to DC for this march, but for many of us this is logistically and financially impossible.

That's why we are asking for volunteers around the world to stand up and form local coalitions of people who support equal immigration rights for same-sex binational couples, and on March 21, take your group to a local landmark, local LGBT center or local RIFA event -- and ask your local press to meet you there.

Wear your O4I t-shirt, make signs, bring friends, family and coworkers. Bring a camera and take a picture. (We know some of you cannot be open about your situations -- but that's no reason to sit this out. Disguises and masks or turning your back to the camera are okay -- in fact, this often underscores the need to fix our broken immigration system!)

We will post photos here and on our website, and we will also ask you to send copies to major mainstream and LGBT press around the country with a copy of a press release immediately following this action. We hope there will be dozens of simultaneous actions like this happening at 1 pm Eastern time on Sunday, March 21.

We will provide talking points so that you can tell those you meet how they can help reform immigration in America and garner support for the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA).

Please watch this space for more details as they form, or join our Yahoo Groups list serve via our website (scroll to the bottom of our homepage and click on the Yahoo icon). You can also email Kathy at for more info or to propose your idea for organizing on March 21.

And -- if you can make it to DC on the 21st, Immigration Equality is organizing a contingent and we urge you to meet up with them. To find our more about IE's actions in DC on March 21, click here.

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